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Professional Training Center

The PMAWCA Professional Training Center (PTC) was established at the instance of the  11th Meeting of the PMAWCA Council, and was at first christened as ‘‘PORT FACILITY MECHANICS TRAINING CENTER’’, with the mandate to provide continuous training for mechanics from PMAWCA Francophone member Ports. A similar centre was to be established in Banjul (Gambia) for the Anglophone members, but this never materialized.

An inception, the PTC in Cotonou benefited from technical and financial support of Holland in terms of construction of its premises, supply of teaching equipment and operations for its first three years of existence. This was followed later by technical assistance by the Government of Belgium for another two more years after which the responsibility for funding the Centre’s activities was transferred to member ports of PMAWCA.

The Centre’s location in Cotonou is governed by a headquarters agreement signed in Cotonou between Republic of Benin and PMAWCA on the 23rd October 1991.

The Director of the Training Center is appointed by the Board of Directors of PMAWCA and he is responsible for the day to day administration and financial management of the Centre and its activities.

The Centre’s resources and course portfolio
The Training Center is sufficiently endowed with training materials especially as far as training provided for mechanics, electricians, welders, dockworkers and hydraulic technicians is concerned. The set of equipment offered by Holland and Belgium since 1989 and later by SOBEMAP (a  public stevedoring company in Benin)  are mainly composed of a diesel generating plant, a tower, an air compressor, electricity generator for welding, hydraulic press, test bed for engines, equipment for valve boring, sheet cutter, electric millstone, hydraulic cricks, perforator, plaque for hydraulic system and tyres, etc.…

Over the years, the Center has diversified its training programme to include courses in general port management and administration such as the office and administrative management, accounting, trade and debt recovery, human resource management, procurement and stores management, quality assurance management, etc... These training courses are organized by external consulting firms on the based on needs of member Ports.

Contact Information

The Director, CFP - AGPAOC:  Mr Tadjou Deen SANNI

08 BP 119 Tri-Postal Cotonou (Benin)
Tel +229 21 31 44 23, Fax : +229 21 31 00 51 

Portable:  +229 97 13 33 13
Email :  cfp_agpaoc@yahoo.fr   /   sataden@yahoo.fr