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General Publications

This section contains general PMAWCA/AGPAOC publications that are available to the public.

Executive Seminar on Single Windows (SW) and Port System Community (PSC)
Final Communique-11th PAPC Conf-Dakar-Feb 17

View Final Communique-11th PAPC Conf-Dakar-Feb 17

Session 1 - Special

1 - BAD's Presentation to 11th PAPC Conference

SSATP - Presentation

Session 2 - Looked at the Concept of ISO certification – justification, categories of certification, fundamental requirements.

Abington's Presentation to 11th PAPC Conference

G3S's Presentation to 11th PAPC Conference

Relais Consulting's Presentation to 11th PAPC Conference

SGS Senegal's Presentation to 11th PAPC Conference


Session III - Examined ISO certification in ports – practical experiences of port authorities and terminal operators.

Lome Port's Presentation

Kenya Port's Presentation

Gabon Port's Presentation

TangerMed's Presentation

Dakar Port's Presentation


Session IV - Provided perspectives of port users, industry researchers and international development partners on what is a Quality Port.

Penaf's Presentation 1

Penaf's Presentation 2

Appropriate Communications's Presentation

CMA CGM's Presentation


This reader  is aimed to provide the participants to the PMA-WCA course on concessions with a solid background regarding theoretical insights as well as insights from cases on concessions in ports. The document is structured as follows: after a short introductory paragraph, some experiences of countries with concessions are discussed, followed by a conceptual overview of the ‘pre-bidding phase’, the ‘bidding phase’ and the ‘post-bidding phase’ of concessions.


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Foto-image summary- rap up of Day 1

Foto-image summary- wrap up of Day 2

Foto-image summary- wrap up of Day 3

Foto-image summary- wrap up of Day 4


Ports Concessions 1

Ports Concessions 2

Praparing a concession - Key Topics 

Senior level Seminar Abidjan Evaluation Forms

World Bank perspective-Guash Luis

Concession is a term conveniently coined to describe the long term leasing of some activities to private operators in most government owned ports and terminals.

The global financial and economic crisis wreaked havoc on the economies of nations across the globe. All regions of the world suffered the adverse impact of the crisis, albeit in varying degree of intensity. The worst affected however were the advanced economies – America, the European Union and Japan.

IMO-PMAWCA Seminar on the Prevention of the phenomenon of Stowaways in Ports of West and Central Africa, hosted by the Maritime Administration of Cote d’Ivoire from
25– 27 March 2014, Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire)

36th Annual Council meeting of the Ports Management Association of West and Central Africa (PMAWCA). FINAL COMMUNIQUE OF THE 12TH ROUND TABLE CONFERENCE OF MANAGING DIRECTORS

IMO-PMAWCA Seminar on the International Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) and maritime security organized for ports of West and Central Africa, hosted by Cotonou Port Authority
22 – 25 July 2013, Cotonou (Benin)

The ninth Conference of the Pan African Association for Ports Cooperation (PAPC) was held from 10 to 11 December 2012 in Brazzaville, Congo was under the chairmanship of Real Admiral Fogan Adegnon, Executive President of the PAPC and Director General of Lome Port Authority. The deliberations of the Conference were chaired by Mr. Gichiri Ndua, Managing Director of Kenyan Ports Authority.