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Meeting of the MSEPO, TSID and Liaison Officers Technical Committees will be held in Freetown (Sierra Leone), from 23rd to 27th October 2017
Tue 12th Sep, 2017
10:28 GMT
Freetown, Sierra Leone

The following PMAWCA technical committees will be holding their annual meeting in Freetown, Sierra Leone from the 23rd – 27th October 2017:

Maritime Safety, Security, Environmental Protection and Operations (MSEPO), Technical Studies, Infrastructure and Development (TSID) and Liaison Officers (LO).

The themes for this year’s meeting are as follows:

  • MSEPO committee - "The establishment of an Environmental Management System and its social responsibility to organisations – PMAWCA ports experiences:
  • TSID committee: - “Follow-up on port infrastructure construction and concession projects";
  • PMAWCA Liaison officers (LO) - "Contribution of Liaison Officers in the effective management of PMAWCA”        

In this regard, invitation memos have been sent out (attached below) to Managing Directors of member ports to ensure presentations are duly prepared and confirm full ports participation.

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