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Invitation to nominate participants for a Professional French Language Proficiency Training
Mon 3rd Jul, 2017
10:01 GMT
Lome (Togo)

As part of the broader efforts by PMAWCA to facilitate interaction among its multilingual member ports and communities, which comprise of Anglophine, Francophne, Lusophone and Hispanphone member countries, a language training programme had been instituted to enable the non Francophone members to learn French and for the non Anglphone members to also learn English. In future, the programme would be extended to enable non lusophone/hispanophone members to also learn Portuguese and Spanish.

In this regard, the Secretariat of PMAWCA in Association with the renowned language training centre “Le Centre International de Recherche et d’Etudes de Langues” of the University of Lome (Togo) is organizing a four (4) weeks intensive practical French language proficiency course in Lome from 3rd to 31st July 2017.

This course will provide a strategic mix of basic French language communication in the classroom, port and maritime sector vocabulary practice, and periodic field visits to the Port of Lome where participants will have the opportunity to interact with their counterparts at the port to enable them practice the spoken French within the work environment.

The course participation fee is Euro 1,200 per participant and the maximum number of participants is limited to fifty (50) in order to ensure effective learning and tuition. This fee will cover the cost of tuition, books and other study materials, field trips for each participant, as well as breakfast and lunch during the week days.

All PMAWCA member Ports and Organizations are therefore kindly invited and encouraged to nominate requisite employees from relevant departments involved in or with the potential to be involved in interfacing/interacting with the wider port user and customer base (operations, marketing, business development planning, public relations, marine operations, legal, finance, etc) to attend this very important course.

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